The Wedding Gift

All gardens are an expression of hope and faith in the future as is a marriage and Wedding Gift Gardens is a new service that offers clients and their friends and family the chance to have a bespoke garden designed as a wedding gift.Rachel’s Gardens is showcasing ‘The Wedding Gift’ at Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2013. This 8m x 6m show garden illustrates some of the romantic elements that can combine to make this a very special and lasting gift.

Symbolically, the garden is formed around two connected circles or rings comprising a lawn and a timber deck, which are complemented by a beautiful armillary sphere sundial. Set on a plinth, the sphere is inscribed with the words


The sundial and plinth stand in the centre of a stone circle, which extends to a patio area and a ‘collar’ of paving that runs around the curve of the deck riser. The sawn cut ‘York Grey’ paving is of the highest quality, modern grey with buff and brown blends.

Raised one step above the rest of the garden, the deck is positioned so as to make the most of the light and warmth of the day. Smooth timber boards create a beautiful and comfortable surface to walk on. Cut to form a circle or ring, the deck provides the perfect spot from which to enjoy all aspects of the garden. Rising from the deck and spanning a quarter of its circumference is a vertical timber screen; suspended from this is a myriad of glass bubble tea-light holders, when lit these glitter and shimmer enhancing the romance of the garden.

The lawn forms a second, soft, green ring, complimenting and contrasting with that of the timber deck and with the hard surface of the stone paving. Based on the same pallet of colours the couple chose as their wedding theme the white, green and ‘gold’ planting scheme is both romantic and contemporary.